My pigeon racing career began 24 years ago in 1993.

As a Junior Member at the Croydon Club, my break through win came at age 18, winning the Young Bird Derby, Young Bird Averages & Combined Averages.

In 2000 I became a Member of the VHA, winning my first Fed race. Driven to succeed by my passion for the sport, by 2002 I had achieved many good Fed results.

After winning a very hard Fed, the Mildura 300 mile, I took a break for a few years to focus on breeding. I purchased some of the top pigeons I could get my hands on like Gaby, Houben & Florengels.

Now starting ‘Meadow Pigeon Stud’, our aim is to obtain some of the best pigeons from around the world and we now house over 30 direct imports. Direct children from Luc Houbn, Michel Van Lint, David Clausing, Gaston Vande Wouwer, Ludo Classens, Norbert Norman and De Raww Sablon. We also still have direct children from all the imports that the Lu Bros Imported.

HOUBEN JEF, LUC & NADIA – We have 6 direct imports direct from the lofts of Houben. Also Houben from lu bros sale. We also have pigeons from Alan Marcon Houben from Woodlands stud.

MICHEL VANLINT – 4 Children direct from Michel Vanlint down of Amos 1st National Argenton 6900b, Boris 17 prizes middle distance, Barbara 1st National Bourges 32724b, Christina 1st National La Souterraine 17545b.

DAVID CLAUSING – Half Brother to Moonwalker 1st long distance ace bird in Million Dollar Race. Dtr of 1ST California classic one loft winner.G/Son of “410” Sire and Uncle to 1st 3rd 4th 24th 36th 99th in the million dollar race. Dtr of Nine is Enough a hen that won 9 races. A Son of “321” A SUPER BREEDER a 3x Texas Winner.

GASTON VANDE WOUWER – G/Dtr of the Kaasboer.

GABY VANDENABEELE – One of the best collections of Gaby’s in Australia. Dtr of the Zander hen. Direct children of the following lot numbers from lu bros auction lot 2 miss fideel, lot 7 White Toes, lot 29 Blue Kadet, lot 78 Little Boy, lot 86 Wittenbuik, lot 110 Blue 591 Wittenbuik lot 132 Young Wittenbuik also a cock inbred to Carrie and Jester from M&D Evans and more.

LUDO CLASSENS – We have 10 direct imports Children direct of Meeuwke 12 ,Bont Beauty, Supercraks Talent, Sakis Favourite. G/Children of Jonge Supercrack.

NORBERT NORMAN – G/Son of Zorro G/Sire of Norbet and Filips Million Dollar Pigeon Race Winner in 2008.

We also house at Meadow Pigeon Stud are the finest Brockamp, Down of George and Euro Diamond, De Raw Sablon down of lucky 848,The Gilbert, Bak 17, Freddy and a direct son of Ronaldinho 1st national Limoges 9672b.

We still have our reliable family of the Golden Pair which are responsible for over 40 fed positions for us and other distances and conditions.